Weight Pull

     Our classes and events are all about encouraging you to get out and get active with your canine companions.  Although our current classes focus on the sport of Weight Pull, our students are involved in an array of sports such as Rally Obedience, Obedience, Barnhunt, Flyball and so many more activities. 

     The sport of weight pull involves a dog pulling weights with only encouragement, a distance of 16 feet within 60 seconds.  Most of the misconception comes from the assumption dogs are forced to do this activity and immediately jump to massive weights. This is not the case.  In fact, most dogs are enjoying the activity.  No leashes, no touching and no treats or toys are allowed in competitions.  Dogs are pulling to be with their human! Our students and dogs have been building upon a foundation of confidence and proper conditioning to avoid poisoning the activity and minimizing risk of injury. 

     Our classes focus on motivationally training proper form and focus, keeping dogs low, slow so the effort is intentional.  Some dogs come for fun and exercise, some come for conditioning to prevent injury in other sports, and some come to prepare for competition.  Similar to human fitness, dogs of all ages and conditions can participate with appropriate modifications and personal instruction.  Our classes encompass canine health as a whole, emotionally and physically. 

     All of our events and classes are open to the public!  If you have concerns or questions I encourage you to come watch and see for yourself.